From emerging to multinational, we cover it all.

Our customers have needs that are unique to their organization and industry. We look for opportunities to work with entrepreneurs and executives across the entire size and growth spectra, from emerging growth companies to established multinational enterprises.



Emerging Growth

One important segment of our customers we classify as emerging growth customers. Many of these companies are venture-backed, and experiencing rapid growth. Others have reinvented themselves and possess incredible potential to achieve success. 


•    Additional source of non-dilutive capital: maximize runway for growth.

•    Long-term, solution-based relationship: provide flexibility for dynamic asset management



Middle Market

Our middle market customers have widely diverse business models.  Our approach of direct origination and retention of lease ownership allows us to customize a lease solution for every possible situation.


•    Focused leasing agenda: complement to your primary banking relationship.

•    Increased flexibility: transfer risk of technology obsolescence while gaining accounting and tax benefits.




Our Multinational customers benefit from our administrative excellence.  Through our unique model, customers receive the lowest-cost, and highest value lease solutions available.

MULTINATIONAL Leasing Solutions:

•    International presence: ability to provide leasing for international assets.

•    Asset management: specialize in managing large, complex implementations of equipment from a wide variety of vendors across multiple locations.


Why lease equipment with Farnam Street?


Long-term Commitment

Farnam Street is committed to retaining ownership of every single lease we originate, and that simple concept allows us to provide genuine personalized service. By merging experience, creativity, and focus, we are uniquely positioned to grow with your business and support it's changing needs

Additional Source of non-dilutive CAPITAL

By solely focusing on technology and equipment financing, we complement your existing sources of funds without any warrants or covenants.  This allows us to fit seamlessly into your existing debt or equity capital structure and maximize your runway for growth.



Every company has different needs, different cash flow patterns, and varying streams of revenue. Regardless of your company's current situation, with Farnam Street you'll be able to acquire the equipment you want without having to wait. 


Because you can return equipment or secure an upgrade with a lease, you won’t ever get stuck with something that’s outdated. And since your equipment needs can change over time, leasing helps keep your options open. 



When you lease with Farnam Street, the uncertainties of asset ownership are off your shoulders. This allows you to simply make your leased equipment a productive part of your business. Minimal paperwork, lower costs, and increased flexibility in how and when you order equipment add up to an incredibly convenient leasing solution.


Your company may want to account for the lease as an expense or capitalized asset. In either case, your business can benefit by structuring the lease to meet specific needs.