Serving specialized markets for over 15 years.

We understand each customer has needs unique to their organization and we are pleased to have been able to serve certain specialized vertical markets where we have excelled, yet we welcome the opportunity to work with almost any type of company.




From data center infrastructure to workplace IT, Farnam Street can lease you the equipment your company needs.

With our partnership lease, Farnam Street enables you to transfer the risk of technology obsolescence while maintaining the flexibility to upgrade your equipment as you continue to grow. We understand the complexities that come with the installation and maintenance of complex IT systems, and our administrative support team provides industry-leading asset management services for all of our lease partners.

You care about growth, and we are focused on helping you get the equipment you need to keep growing.




The healthcare industry faces pressure on all fronts to contain costs while improving patient care. The federal government’s standards mandates and the increasing momentum for the use of health information technology are factors driving healthcare providers to invest in their future.

Leasing your healthcare and IT equipment is a financially sound decision that helps you keep pace with industry trends. Many of our customers require the flexibility to include the entire cost of a solution into a lease, such as services, implementation, maintenance, and even training expenses. With a Farnam Street lease solution, your lease can be restructured at any time to accommodate a new upgrade or acquisition in the most cost-effective way possible.




Retailing is fast-paced, and for a business to succeed, it’ll require the right technology and equipment to maintain a competitive advantage. Leasing delivers an affordable and flexible means of acquisition for both high-growth and mature companies. Farnam Street will provide a complete and total lease financing solution for your entire project, including services, installation, and even maintenance costs.




More than ever, the worldwide economy is presenting significant opportunities and challenges for manufacturers. If you’re in the business of manufacturing, you know that with greater opportunities comes an even greater pressure to compete. Long-term success requires innovation and creativity while balancing the capital-intense nature of the manufacturing sector. To survive and flourish in the global market, investment in capital equipment and technology is imperative. 

Farnam Street provides a customized lease product that delivers cost-effective and flexible acquisition solutions for manufacturers. We’ll help solve your capital problem while becoming your long-term partner for success.